Creating a Legally Legit Business Doesn't Need to be Overwhelming

 Grab our No-Nonsense Checklist to Starting a Business and learn all the steps to take:

  • Before Starting Your Business, so you can save yourself future headaches

  • As You Start Your Business, to ensure you’ve got the right items/needs in place

  • For Legally Maintaining Your Business, so you can spend more time on the things you're good at and less googling administrative stuff

Create a business with a secure foundation, so you can focus on what you do best and not worry about the rest!

Inside the Guide:

Before Starting Your Business

  • Choose Your Business Type

  • Choose a Name

  • Apply for an EIN 

  • Put Together a Business Binder

Starting Your Business

  • Register with the Secretary of State

  • Open Bank Accounts for Your Business

  • Apply for a Sales Tax Certificate

  • Secure your Domain and Social Media Handles

  • Understand the Legal-ish of the Online Business World

  • Get a Contract

Maintaining Your Business

  • File Your Annual Report

  • Pay Your Taxes

  • Maintain Your Business Binder

  • Review Your Contracts

  • Perfect Your Client Experience

  • Get Ready for Outsourcing 

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The No-Nonsense Checklist to Starting a Business

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