Our Average Active Affiliate Earns $93 For Each Sale
and earn 20% on every referred purchase
Over $162,190.97 in affiliate commissions paid to date
Our affiliate army is 1282+ strong
Our top affiliate earns $1,164 per month
Built for Busy Bloggers + Business Owners

As an influencer + blogger myself, I’ve seen my fair share of crappy affiliate programs. 

“Get $10 for every million dollars you refer to our company!” they harken. 

“We can’t give you a commission, but we can give you a free bath loofa!” they declare.


Your time and audience are way more valuable than that.
That’s why I’ve created the affiliate program I wish existed when I got started—with higher commissions on a better selling product than anyone else in the industry, paid in a timely manner, this is a decision you won’t regret.
You Don’t Have to Be an Influencer to See Huge Payouts
While yes, we do have some heavy-hitting influencers who stand behind The Contract Shop® and promote our products, the majority of our affiliates are little guys + gals!

That’s right—oftentimes our best affiliates are the ones with the smaller, more engaged audiences.

  • Website designers who advise their clients on the importance of a Privacy Policy.

  • ​Coaches who are helping their clients start their businesses. 

  • Calligraphers who are encouraging other artists to be paid for their brand collaborations.
Get Paid
Your affiliate commissions are paid out in quarterly cycles, oftentimes sooner. You just have to get your audience to click on your referral link, and you’ll earn commissions for each new customer. 

We’ve had this affiliate program for over 3 years—so we know how to get your audience to click + convert! 

We’ve Done the Hard Work So You Don’t Have To

After years and years in this industry, I know The Contract Shop® is the legal leader when it comes to contract templates.

We were the first in many ways—the first to offer lifetime access to our templates, the first to offer Hold My Hand guides that walk purchasers through their template(s) and the first to offer a 14-day any-reason refund policy.

Being first is great, but being BEST is better ;)

That’s why we’ve made our customer satisfaction our number one priority, which means that as an affiliate, you can confidently promote us to your audience.

Leave all the “stupid questions,” groan-worthy requests and “omg is this really happening?” moments to us—the customer care team at The Contract Shop® has seen it all.

Being an Affiliate is the Best Move You Can Make
You get to reap a huge commission, just for growing your audience and sharing our proven product with them. 

You can do what you do best—jump on social media and be you—while we take care of the rest. 

Leave the customer service headaches, fulfillment nightmares and product improvements to us, because we know that’s not where your heart is at. 

 Guaranteed to Work No Matter Your Industry 
We have affiliates in all kinds of creative or entrepreneurial industries. We even have a product that’s for anyone with a website! 

*Ahem*... that’s like, everyone with a business.

While we’re known for our super-niche templates that are huge helpers to many creative-based businesses, we also have two products that apply to any + all businesses.

Christina Scalera

Hi! I’m Christina Scalera...

And I’m the founder of The Contract Shop®. I created this store to support my friends in the creative industry, and we’ve honed + refined our offerings from there.

I graduated from a top 20 law school, and worked for a while on tough licensing agreements as a trademark lawyer. I decided to leave my corporate legal job and launch my own business—whew! Those first few ideas were rough.

But eventually, I settled on creating the best contract template shop on the internet, and if you disagree, I’d love to hear about it (so I can continue to make The Contract Shop® even better!)

I’m proud of the affiliate program we’ve put together, putting the priority on our customer experience so that you can confidently promote us as an affiliate, knowing we’ll take good care of your audience.

I hope you’ll click here to join us.